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Chang*diaz ° Portland, OR


Vathek 1928.  The illustrations in this book are too cool for words.  Found at Housing Works in NYC

(via todf)


Jack Smith getting his Ideas down on Paper

These are various works on paper by Jack Smith, drawings, collages, paintings, or mixed media.  Though his way of drawing is very different from my own, I’ve always admired Jack’s skills as a draughtsman.  He had the remarkable ability to get his ideas down on paper without a lot of labor or fuss.  The one I like best above is the third one down, which illustrates a scene from the life of a Hollywood contract player.  A lot of his drawing was done for the Xerox posters he made to advertise his performances and showings of his films. The last two are costume sketches, presumably for his final unfinished project, Sinbad in a Rented World.